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Research examining changes in parental self-efficacy through mothers’ and fathers’ NICU stays through their transition home is lacking. To fill this gap, both in literature and in supporting actions, the intervention and participatory project Voicing preterm parents’ experiences. An interdisciplinary study to set neonatal practices and enhance families’ wellbeing (ParWelB) was designed by Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Milano Bicocca (Principal Investigator: Alessandra Decataldo) and funded by Cariplo Foundation, in collaboration with ASST-NIguarda and ASST-Rhodense.

The ParWelB project is an intervention and interdisciplinary study aiming to raise awareness about prematurity and related neonatal practices by empowering preterm parents and giving value to their lived experiences during and after the hospitalization in two neonatal units, the NICU at the ASST-Niguarda and the sub-NICU at ASST-Rhodense.  Started in May 2021, ParWelB is promoting constructive communication and collaboration among and between caregivers and parents in NICU, during the hospitalization and after discharge. We monitor parents’ wellbeing and offerin them support, while listening to and voicing their experiences.